Air Purifiers Domestic

Nobody thought that even our home’s indoors could be unsafe and surrounded by air pollutants. brings a range of Best Air Purifiers for Home in India, which are designed with HEPA Filter and UV removes 2.5PM, Bacteria, and Viruses from the room environment for cleaner and safer air to breathe. These Air Cleaning Machines for Home removes dust, smoke, and pollen to treat indoor air pollution with ease. Buy Best Air Purifiers in India Online for Home Use for an improved air quality that will help you and your family breathe easier.

Best Air Purifiers for Home are designed in a way to create a healthy & refreshing environment at home, so you can breathe cleaner air every day. The Air Purifier Machines are equipped with HEPA filter & UV LED, along with other advanced features that reduces harmful bacteria, viruses, germs, and dust particles from the polluted indoor air. The 3-stage air purification mechanism removes air pollutants, more than 0.3 microns in size.



Our centralised solutions use cutting-edge technology to purify the air in your building. Not only is this a comprehensive way to protect your employees, students and family members from your city’s toxic air, but you can also reduce your electricity bill by as much as 20%. Music to any CFO’s ears.

The case for centralised solutions

The best portable air purifiers do a great job of removing dangerous particulate matter from the air, as well as some volatile organic compounds and gases. But running an air purifier in an enclosed space will increase carbon dioxide levels, which makes the air stuffy and can impact cognition.

Centralised systems, however, work with your central air conditioning system to clean and circulate fresh air, ensuring your indoor air quality levels meet international standards.

How centralised systems work

Standard central air conditioning systems bring in outside air, which is low in carbon dioxide, and then they cool or heat that air before passing it into your space. These systems usually have a basic air filter, which unfortunately does little to combat the high levels of air pollution found in Indian cities. We add sophisticated filtration technology to your central air conditioning system, giving you fresh clean air to breathe.

By increasing the air pressure in your space, centralised systems also prevent bad air from leaking in through small cracks in windows and doors.

Air Purifiers Commercial

Whether you need clean air in your business, home or commercial property, we will find the best air purification solution for your needs. Our commercial air purifiers remove 99.99% of the smallest airborne particles. Plus you get the best in odor control. Whether it’s dust, tobacco smoke, fume extraction, we have you covered.

Any business with concerns about the quality of their air and the presence of air pollutants (odors, allergens and other fine particles, smoke and gases) can benefit from an Oransi commercial air purifier.

commercial air purifiers have become the preferred choice of air purifier for the offices, meeting spaces, and business centers of many of the world’s top brands. In addition to our vast network for corporate customers, we regularly partner with organizations of all sizes to consult with them on their commercial air purifier needs, such as:

  • Medical centres, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare providers,
  • Local/State/Federal Government Departments and Agencies,
  • Gyms, Dance Studios, and other Fitness Centers,
  • Bars, clubs and other entertainment venues,
  • Hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and other accommodation venues,
  • Restaurants, cafes and other eateries,
  • Schools, colleges and universities,
  • …and many more.